Quality of Steel Strapping


Quality Steel Strapping

High quality Steel Strapping is a preferred strapping solution in a wide range of industries for different types of applications. Metal strapping has been used for a long time and continues to be in high demand due to the various benefits it offers. When it comes to applications where high durability is required, steel is the ideal option. The material offers the best-possible tensile strength among all the different strapping materials. All this makes it a versatile option for various types of strapping applications.

High Break Strength & Resistance to Environment

One of the main reasons Steel Strapping is in great demand is because of its high break strength. It can bear a high amount of weight without breaking. So wherever heavy shipments are involved, this type of strapping is the preferred option. Another advantage of using this material is that it doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to external elements. Steel also offers very high resistance to UV rays, making it have less corrosive properties. All this makes it the perfect strapping material for both outdoor and indoor applications. This further helps in reducing the cost of maintenance.

When shipping heavy loads, it is important to choose a strapping system that doesn’t stretch. Steel Strapping offers minimal stretch, making it perfect for holding the load firmly in place.

Battery Steel Strapping Tools

When it comes to using steel straps, there are different types of tools. There are many advantages of using battery tools, such as they’re light weight, convenient and quick. Some of the latest battery-run tools can accept all the different sizes, width and thickness of steel straps. These tools can match the most powerful pneumatic tools in tension strength while reducing air generation costs. Some of these tools pull the strap, cut, and seal with a single-button operation. Battery powered Steel Strapping tools can prove to be instrumental in improving your organization’s productivity.

You can also find a vast selection of hand tools designed to pull steel straps. This will usually involve the use of separate tensioners and sealers to pull the strap and apply the seal. Manual operation can also require separate cutters.

Different Steel Strapping Options

Steel Strapping is available with different finishes which can include wax, paint, and wax and zinc. The use of wax allows improved tension transmission around the bundle. These types of straps are used with specific types of tensioners.

You can also find high quality Steel Strapping in all the different sizes to address your specific needs. These straps are usually available in width starting from 3/8 inch and applications involve easy-to-use accessories.

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