Grippack Sealer 114 for Steel Strapping


Grippack Sealer 114 – an easy-to-operate battery powered sealer for steel strapping

When it comes to accurate strapping, the sealer and tensioner both play a significant role. While the tensioner serves the purpose of applying optimum tensioning force, it is the sealer which further secures the package with the right kind of seal.

Signode has remained a pioneer in providing the world’s most powerful battery operated steel strapping tools. Its unique bouquet of products contains all sorts of packaging solutions including tensioners, sealers, combination tools and a range of accessories. The Grippack 114 Sealer deserves special mention as a superbly performing sealing tool which works best with push type and open-flange seals. With its unique features this battery powered sealer has made its mark in the packaging sector quite easily.

Technical specifications and unique features of Grippack 114 Sealer:

  • The first battery powered sealer used on 1 1/4″ high tensile strapping
  • It supports Magnus or Apex Plus steel strapping with dimension of 32 mm x 0.64 mm to 0.79 mm
  • Single reverse notch joint that locks strapping ends securely
  • The sealer supports two different types of seals 114 P and 114 OF
  • The tool weighs approx. 7.0 lbs

Grippack 114 Sealer – why to choose it:

If you are looking for an efficient and portable sealing option, then this sealer surely ranks higher than its peers in the market. No wonder this Grip Pack Sealer got worldwide recognition immediately after its debut. Few beneficial features appreciated widely include:

  • Simple design of the tool ensures that the operator gets accustomed to it easily
  • It comes with 18V Lithium-ion battery which guarantees consistent performance
  • Being battery powered, users don’t need to deal with inconsistencies related to pneumatic tools
  • It is quite light weight so that the operator can carry it easily at areas of application
  • Approx 200-300 seals can be delivered per battery charge

Signode tools are gaining popularity day by day for their usefulness and cost-effectiveness; Grippack 114 Sealer is no exception. According to industry experts, this sealer is going to rule the market with its many attractive features.





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