Orgapack OR-T 450 Battery Powered Tool for Poly Strapping


Orgapack OR-T 450 Tool

The OR-T 450 has been designed for easy, single-hand strapping applications for polyester and propylene straps. This versatile, battery-powered tool has been designed to accept poly straps of width 5/8” to 3/4”. Use it in automatic mode for single-button operation and to speed up strapping applications. The tool weighs just 10 lbs and is powered by lithium-ion battery. It can complete up to 400 cycles per charge and the battery has a quick-recharge feature. It also features a digital display to allow you to set the weld time and tension.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Strapping Tool

The OR-T 450 is a heavy-duty poly strapping tool that is perfect for securing large loads and pallet strapping applications. If you are looking for a more efficient tool against metal strapping/sealing tools, this is the ideal alternative. It makes it easier for the operator to feed the strap compared to other tools. The jaws have been designed to open wider.

Technical Specifications

The key technical aspects of the OR-T 450 plastic strapping tool are as follows:

  • Tensioning: Fully adjustable tension of 290 lbs to 1000 lbs (normal) & 90 lbs to 340 lbs (soft mode)
  • Straps: 5/8” to 3/4” (width) & 0.031” to 0.051” (thickness)
  • Strapping Type: Polyester and Polypropylene straps
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs (Including the weight of the battery)
  • Seal: Friction weld

This is a powerful Orgapack combination tool that can pull a maximum of 1011 lbs on the strap. This makes it the perfect alternative for steel strapping tools for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.

Advantages of Using Orgapack, OR-T 450

The main reasons for using the OR-T 450 are as follows:

  • Versatile Tool: use it for different types of applications including medium and heavy-duty applications
  • Single-button Operation: Use it in fully-automatic mode for single-button use. This mode also helps in eliminating all chances of operator error.
  • Soft Mode: This soft mode allows you to strap fragile loads.
  • High Performance: The powerful battery operated tool can complete up to 400 cycles per charge
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: It features the latest lithium-ion battery with no-memory effect which can be charged in 25 to 35 minutes
  • Ergonomically Designed: The plastic strapping tool has an ergonomic design that simplifies operation

The Orgapack tool is Swiss-made, which speaks tons about the high-quality construction and parts. The tool can be used in different modes including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Besides, a wide range of accessories are available for the combo tool to further simplify the operations and speed them up.

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