Grippack Cutter


Grippack Cutter

The Grippack Cutter is a highly reliable and cost-effective, battery-powered cutter for steel and poly strapping applications. It reduces human effort when compared to using manual tools. This Signode tool allows you to increase safety when cutting straps that are pulled under high tension. You can use it for cutting different types of straps with width up to 1-1/4” (32mm).

Technical Specifications

The main technical specs of the Grippack Cutter are as follows:

  • Strapping Type: Plastic & Steel Strapping
  • Strap Size: Maximum width 1-1/4” (32mm) & thickness 0.057” (1.45mm)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs or 3.4 kg
  • Cycles: 240 cycles per charge
  • Battery: 18V Li-Ion
  • Charging: 80% charge within 15 minutes & full charge within 30 minutes

Main Features

The main features of this battery powered steel strapping cutter are as following:

  • Designed for ease of use
  • Lightweight tool that is easy to carry around
  • Features minimal wear parts that reduce maintenance needs and save costs in the long term
  • Compact and robust design
  • Features 2 different modes: first for tensioned loads and second for non-tensioned straps
  • The LED illuminates the operational area

The Grippack Cutter is a heavy-duty cutter that weighs just 7.5 lbs, making it a portable tool. It is made using high-impact-resistant nylon, which keeps it safe even if dropped by the operator. The ergonomic design helps in eliminating any chances of hand fatigue even during heavy-duty applications. It features a highly durable cutting blade and block and the design allows easy strap entry for both steel and plastic strapping. The cutter can complete up to 50,000 cuts per charge.

Safety Feature

There is a specially designed gripper in the battery-powered cutter that holds steel strapping in place after cutting. This helps protect the operator from any chances of springing back strap after cutting. It features serration pattern for holding straps under high tension.

Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

The Grippack Cutter has a balanced drill-type grip. It can be used with a single hand without any potential of hand fatigue. It can be used front to back and side to side. At 7.5 lbs, it is a lightweight tool. You can also order a handle separately for additional stability. The special compact design allows the tool to get into the tightest of spaces where other tools cannot enter. All the accessories for this battery-powered tool can be easily ordered online to further simplify the operation.

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