Composite Cord Strapping


Composite Cord Strapping

There are many reasons why composite cord strapping is considered as the ideal replacement to steel strapping, which has been the mainstay of the industry for a long time. It makes the perfect alternative to steel for preventing damage to cargo and providing more safety to operators. It is also a cost-effective option. 

Composition of Composite strapping

Composite strapping is made up of high-density polyester filament yards that receive a polymer coating. It is so strong that the strapping has received the nickname ‘synthetic steel’. It offers all the advantages of woven and bonded poly strapping, with additional benefits. It is abrasion-resistant and can be used in all types of weather conditions. It’s easier to print and is available in different color options. If you need a strapping solution that offers the best joint efficiency for the buckle, there is no need to choose any other option.


The main benefits of using composite cord strapping and its battery tools or hand tools are as followed:

  • It is as strong as steel strapping
  • Makes a perfect option when higher safety is needed for strapping operators and other labor
  • The high shock absorbing property makes it perfect for transport
  • Cost-effective alternative to steel
  • The material doesn’t cause damages on your products
  • Easily print company name, logo, and other details
  • Can retain high tension, matching and exceeding the limits of steel strapping
  • Lightweight strapping which is easily portable
  • Also offers excellent chemical resistance in many situations
  • Doesn’t rust or rot and can be used in different weather conditions
  • Can be re-tensioned

Composite strapping also offers many advantages over other alternatives like plastic straps, rope, and other metal banding solutions. Accessories like buckles provide some of the most reliable joints in the industry. This type of strapping is available in different sizes. You should choose the right one based on the application, type of cargo, cargo weight, mode of transportation etc. It is also easier and safer to work around in comparison to metal strapping. That being said, a safer work environment results in less incidences, resulting in a lower cost of operation. Thus, there are many advantages of using composite cord strapping where there is need for the highest tension.

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